A couple of GridMarket related questions and issues

First off, I'll start off with saying Hello and that I'm fairly new here to WPMU Dev, as well as with WP in general. Thanks for some great, and useful plugins that I hope to get quite some mileage out of!

On to my GridMarket/BuddyPress issue, and to note this was/is with the last previous versions, as well latest and greatest of both :slight_smile:

I noticed after installing BuddyPress on the site that I'm currently migrating to MarketPress that the Shopping Cart Widget is now a bit bloated and the display is getting cut off on the left side of the sidebar. The mp_cart_col_quant td and th css items seem to be inheriting some attribute from BP and I can't for the life of me figure out where to put an end to it

Site in question and example: http://www.arcadecreate.com/shop/

Also, and this is more of a request for suggestions and knowledge, but I'd like to end up with an actual 'home page' for the site, rather than have products displayed, using actual blog type posts with areas for some banners and whatnot. I saw that SimpleMarket looked to have something akin to this, and tried to port it over to GridMarket, but so far I've failed :slight_smile:

Any tips, suggestions on how to best go about that, or point me to some post I may have missed in my searches here?

Thanks in advance