A couple of thoughts for Snapshot

I have started using Snapshot to do my backups after having used UpDraft for quite some time. I like the way it works but I have a couple of requests.

• Add "include" matching. I would like to do upload backups by month rather than all in one backup and it would be great to be able to back up '/2016/03'

• Add ability to do a test to see if the directory has changed and don't do a backup if it is still the same. Along with an indicator that is was checked on whatever date. That allows us to keep multiple versions without those versions winding up being identical.

• I'm sure it is in the works but I would like to be able to save backups to an ftp address other than Dropbox. UpDraft has a link that will scan the offsite address on request to see what backups are stored there and download them to your site for restore if desired.