A few CoursePress Feature Suggestions

I think CoursePress is off to a great start but I have a few ideas that would really help with implementing the tool and using it in a streamlined way.

1. Ability to time release of units based on when a user joins the course. Right now CoursePress is built in the direction of students taking LIVE courses in real time. It would also be valuable for people to create the material and allow students to enroll in courses at anytime. This feature would allow someone to place all the units and have them release a certain number of days after the Course was started. So if I wanted people to get 2 units per month for 6 months, I can do that. Example: If I want to release new content to them every month, I would set my units up and enter 30 days into the selection box.

2. Automatic Emails when units are released or new units are added. This would be an excellent feature for people building courses as they go, or allowing people to take course at their leisure. When a new Unit was added to a course an email automatically goes out to all the members of the course. Also if we implement #1, an email is automatically sent to all the Users when the units are released.

3. Ability to list units in Desc or Asc order. In the Course page it would be beneficial to list the units in either order. If I build a course where I am releasing content every 2 weeks I would want my most recent content at the top of the list.

4. Ability to use Units in more than one course. It would be excellent if I could use Units in more than one course. If I am doing a course on Quilting, I may have a course on picking fabric out that I could reuse in all of my quilting courses.

I would love any feedback on my feature suggestions. I believe that these items would make this tool more robust and fit in with how I am planning to use the tool for my projects.


  • Patrick

    Hi there @Tony

    I hope you're having a great day!

    Those are all excellent suggestions, and you'll be happy to know that some already be achieved. Let's have a look at 'em.

    #1: That will be possible with the upcoming version 1.1 release of our Protected Content plugin. Using a Dripped membership in Protected Content, you can set selected site content to become accessible on certain dates, or a specified number of days after registration. Currently, only pages & posts are supported in that feature but, as mentioned, version 1.1 will also support custom post-types (like CoursePress units) as well as URL groups. :slight_smile:

    #2: I am not aware of any plans to implement an option to alert students via email when new units are added to an existing course. This does sound like a rather restricted use-case, so may need to be custom-coded for your particular setup. However, I have flagged our 2nd-level support team to see if any of them can provide some additional insight.

    #3: You can drag & drop the course units into any order you like under the Units tab of the courses you want (see screenshot).

    #4: That one does sound like a useful addition, so I've also notified the developer.


  • Tony

    Thanks for the note Patrick!

    Good to hear that they see the value in the specified number of days after registration item. I would love for them to also put that into place for CoursePress. The reason I like the CoursePress infrastructure is because of the Dashboard. I think that it makes the site easier to use and it feels more professional. I know that I could probably create a dashboard in protected content to get the same effect but this is pretty streamlined and nice.

    Thank you for #2, #3 and #4.

    Would love to hear from anyone else who has thoughts.


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