Easy Blogging Plugin: Comments for Authors and Admin Menu Bar

I've just been trying out the Easy Blogging plugin, and I like it a lot. I'll definitely be using it.

There were a few issues that were occurring for me, however. One is that it seems to eliminate the Comments menu for Authors. In default WordPress, Authors have a comments menu. I realize I could add a link to comments, but I'm wondering about another issue. Is it possible to have a little bubble appear next to the comments icon to alert users when comments are pending as regular WordPress does? ... I'm afraid my users will forget to check their comments if they aren't clearly alerted.

The other issue I'm having is with the Admin bar. Even if I allow the Admin bar in settings, it doesn't appear in the back end. (It still appears on the front end.) This is true for the regular Admin bar and for the BuddyPress Admin bar (which is what I will be using).