A few more questions regarding proper functionality with Directory. Having multiple issues.

Website: girlygirldirectory.com

1. After entering login info, I am redirected to a blank page. URL path: http://girlygirldirectory.com/wp-login.php

2. As a work around after this, I change the path to http://girlygirldirectory.com/wp-admin/ to get to my dashboard.

I would like the person to be redirected to the homepage after login. They can select the "add listing" button from there. How can this be achieved? As of now, only admin can do this.

3. How do I eliminate all of the auto-generated role capabilities? There should only be 3. Admin, Directory Member Paid, and Directory Member.

4. In testing one of my paid directory members capabilities, she can not add a listing, although she is assigned capabilities as a paid directory member. She cannot do it through the front or the dashboard. Through the front, it will walk her through the payment steps again. Through the dashboard, it tells her she does not have permission.

This is a start to some of the issues. Will post if I discover more.