A few problems, no checkout button, and coupon don't work

Hey! I am about to start an personal training webshop. Very simple, just a few downloadable files in a woocmmerce setup with paypal. Anyways, I am beta testing my website atm and have found a few problems.
here is the sub site: http://store.marbergs.com/

1 problem: There is no "Proceed to checkout" in my cart.
(You can add a free test product to test this. Enter this url and add to cart: http://store.marbergs.com/product/test/ ) And then of course enter your cart at : http://store.marbergs.com/product/cart/ .
As you probably can see there is no checkout button. You can go to checkout by holding the mouse over the cart and click at "checkout", but this would be too mazy.

2 problem: If you proceed to checkout you will find the next problem. https://store.marbergs.com/checkout/
As you can see there is a blue box saying "Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code". And this notice don't work to click at, nothing happends. I would like to have it as an simple field instead.

There was the problems that I need help with to solve.
Thanks for amazing support wpmudev, I have grant you access! :slight_smile: