A few problems with the Marketpress plugin

I am running an ecommerce website that is strictly using the product external links function of Marketpress http://oaktreeave.com/ I am also using the free Product Grid plugin that someone on here posted on here and I am using the default Wordpress TwentyEleven theme.

I need help with a few things I couldn't solve by myself and decided to purchase the plugin so I can get some support for it.

1. My search results do not show a product thumbnail even though there is a picture set for the featured image. For example, search "knife" on my site and it will have two products, but those products don't have an image associated with them even though it does in the manual product listing.

2. I cannot get the pagination to work with the Product Grid plugin. This would be really nice to have instead of having a super long list of products. I have 8 products now, if I set it to 3 products per page, it would show only three products and then hide the rest of the products with no button saying Next Page. http://oaktreeave.com/curated-products/

3. How can I add the product excerpts in the product list grid? I like a little bit more detail than just the price of the product. It would be nice if I can have the excerpts like in the default marketpress plugin. http://oaktreeave.com/curated-products/

4. On the actual product page, for instance http://oaktreeave.com/store/products/brooklyn-bagel-slicer/ how can I make the margins of the page a little wider so it takes up more of the white space so users don't have to scroll down as far.

5. How can I make the price in the product detail page bold or bigger? It's so tiny right now, I'm afraid people might not see it clearly.

Thanks! These are the only major problems I have with the plugin, and is limiting me from launching the website!