A few questions about MarketPress

Hello, I am having some problems with MarketPress:

1) Import CVS doesn't seem to work with words that have weird characters in them. Since my install is in spanish, many products have accents (for example: Camión).

2) Import CVS seems to duplicate images. It says to first upload the images via FTP (I did with the Wordpress Media upload), so all the images were online before the import. Adding the image URLs in the CVS and then importing duplicate the images.

3) CVS import marks all imported productos as Drafts, how can I make it publish the imported products right away? Sometimes I might need to import over 500 products, and its a waste of time to change all those drafts to published (unless I am missing some link I can use).


  • Vaughan

    Hi @mijaeus,

    1. I can confirm this, and will ask the developer to look into this for you.

    2. This is the way the import work & why it asks you to upload them via FTP & not via the media manager. The importer does not do Updates, it will only add. so it's only to be used for initial importing when you first install. If you try later to try & update your products with say different prices, it will instead just add the CSV imports instead effectively creating duplicate products.

    3. You will need to edit the plugin code for this.

    Open /marketpress/marketpress-includes/marketpress-importers.php

    Find around line 316

    $product['post_status'] = 'draft';

    Change draft to publish.

    Hope this helps

  • Jonathan

    Hi @Mijaeus,

    Just an FYI... in the next release of MarketPress (version we've added in a filter so you change the post status of the imported products without modifying any core code. This way, when you update, you won't have to change this every time.

    Simple add the following in your theme's functions.php file:

    add_filter('mp_imported_product_post_status', create_function('$post_status', 'return "publish";'));

    Also, in the same release, we've fixed the duplicate image issue. :slight_smile:

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