A few questions about the BP Group Calendar

Hello there,

I have several questions at this point.

1st) i want to change the language to the Korean. Do i manually change selected inputs from a file in your theme?

2nd) If i click on one of the dates on the calendar, it leads to 404 page. Could i make this click as to show the details of the events rather than to show 404 page ??

3rd) If i want to change the CSS style of your plugin.
With which files can i manage to do this? and do you also have supportin g document to help me achieving this ?

Thank you in advance, a great plugin ~!

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Sangbum,

    Welcome to the WPMU DEV community!

    I'll answer each question individually here:

    1st) i want to change the language to the Korean. Do i manually change selected inputs from a file in your theme?

    Here is a good guide on how to translate a plugin: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/how-to-translate-a-wordpress-plugin/

    That will give you all the info you need on that - also has links to some other helpful articles too to do with translating :slight_smile:

    2nd) If i click on one of the dates on the calendar, it leads to 404 page. Could i make this click as to show the details of the events rather than to show 404 page ??

    Can you try resaving your permalinks via Settings > Permalinks from your WordPress dashboard? If that doesn't work would you mind linking to a page where I can test this out myself?

    3rd) If i want to change the CSS style of your plugin.
    With which files can i manage to do this? and do you also have supportin g document to help me achieving this ?

    You will want to use a child theme or a custom CSS field plugin like this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/

    Then put all of your custom styles into that :slight_smile: to figure out what classes/id's to target you can use a tool like firebug. Here's a little tutorial on it: http://www.studiopress.com/tips/using-firebug.htm

    Hope this helps!

    Let us know if you need any further assistance.


  • SangBum

    Hello Tyler,

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    about the 2nd question,

    i will put up this link

    Please understand that many words are in Korean but you can still try to click on the 20th of July for example where i have set up my schedule and you will see 404 page.

    I already have tried resaving the permalink from the dashboard.

    Thank you for your help.

  • SangBum

    Hm ,....

    the link i just have put up leads to 404 page... weird..

    Could you please go to http://www.ibyi.co.kr

    and in the main menu section i have put up a menu with name 'Tyler'

    That is the group directory page for my website.(i have temporarily changed the name so you would notice)

    Could you please have look into any one of those groups and you will see what i mean with the calendar 404 page problem.

    Thank you.

    • Tyler Postle

      Hey SangBum,

      Thanks for posting back!

      Okay, so I checked out your site and I see the issue - the link beside it shows up fine but the calender link is wrong. I tested this on my own installation and wasn't able to reproduce it.

      I'm wondering if perhaps this has to do with your site language.

      Did you install the plugin from the WPMU DEV dashboard? Make sure you do if you didn't. That ensures a clean installation.

      Look forward to your reply.


    • Tyler Postle

      Hey Sangbum,

      I'm still getting a 404 on that page as well. Do you mind emailing in your FTP credentials - then we can run a couple tests and get to the bottom of this quicker for you! :slight_smile:

      You can send them in privately through our contact form:

      Subject: "Attn: Tyler Postle"
      -WordPress admin username
      -WordPress admin password (wp credentials just in-case the access expires while we're testing)
      -login url
      -FTP credentials (host/username/password)
      -link back to this thread for reference
      -any other relevant urls

      Select "I have a different question" for your topic - this and the subject line ensure that it gets assigned to me :slight_smile:


      Thanks for all your co-operation here in getting this sorted! Super appreciate it.

      Look forward to your reply.

      All the best,

  • SangBum

    Hello Tyler,

    What i want to achieve through using the calendar is to organize events for that specific groups e.g. say they are a team of runners who would like to go for run on a specific day, one of the members can set a date on the calendar and they can all be notified by the event.

    If this is surely working with Events+ plugin, i am more than happy to just use the events +.

    If so in your opinion that they function basically the same, i would love to try the Events + plugin.

    I hope we could go back to solving the problem if the Events + is not really satisfying though.

    Thank you so much for the effort

    • Tyler Postle

      Hey Sangbum,

      Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: okay, we've switched you over to Events+ now. You can download/install it here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/events-plus/

      You will need to activate some add-ons here for it to function similar to BP Group Calender did. I'm more than happy to help you set this all up. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first because it has quite a few more features than the BP calender plugin did.

      If you would like me to go in and get the initial setup going for you then just let me know :slight_smile: it would involve only changing events+ settings and adding a new page or two. I wouldn't need to change any other part of your site.

      Look forward to your reply!


  • SangBum

    Tyler, i have downloaded and installed it onto my WP.

    I would really appreciate if you could please set this up for me.

    I am not a lazy bum to go over what the plugin is like but i am here at my own job at the moment.

    I am trying wordpress as a kind of hobby but this is indeed really interesting tool for building a website and i try to give as much effort as i can.

    A few reminds when you are doing this for me are that i want them to be as simple as BP group calendar just as an event notification for people and if there is a poll function, it would be really nice.

    An event with simple and useful functions, a good notification, poll function (if there is one) would be really lovely.

    I really appreciate for the work, Tyler.

    Once you have managed to do so for my WP, i will have a look into it to see what it is like in some spare time after work or so.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Sangbum,

    No problem! Happy to help :slight_smile:

    Okay, so I have it set up pretty well how would you want it I think. You still have to give capabilities to add events to your users - wasn't sure which user role you wanted to be able to add events.

    You now have a "Group Events" tab in your groups page that will show a calender of events - I have added an event to one of them to test it.

    You will also be able to "Add Event" in the top left of the calender.

    That will take you to a new page where you can fill out the information and select the group you want it to apply too. Users will only have options for the groups they belong too - except super admins(you) you can attach an event to any group you want.

    Group events are also private - only members of the group can see them.

    members are able to RSVP to events by visiting the event page and saying whether they are attending or not. You can also show a list of RSVP'd members.

    Hope this helps! There are some other useful add-ons and features that events+ has that you can explore - if you have any further questions just let me know :slight_smile:

    All the best,

  • SangBum

    Dear Tyler,

    I am sorry about not being satisfied with the use of Events + for several things,

    1) Another navigation menu called 'Events' has to be made where if we use the group calendar plugin, we only have the calendar menu added to the group navigation.

    2) It looks simpler for me to have an event notification on the notification menu with other notifications. Also, paid or non-paid and setting time very precisely. These all will come to load of tiresome for lazy internet users in my perspective.

    3) If we create an event, it sends notification to the new Events menu on each member rather than showing the event updated on the group calendar. So, for this plugin, it looks more like it is just a calendar.

    For these reasons, i think it is better to user the simple Group Calendar plugin.

    I really appreciate for your work Tyler but i wouldn't really mind if it takes a little longer to investigate on that language problem. As i don't have any plan to publish the website within some weeks or even months.

    Thank you and please help me to achieve this with the Group Calendar plugin again.

    • Tyler Postle

      No problem Sangbum!

      At least we gave it a shot :slight_smile:

      The BuddyPress Group Calender plugin is a lot simpler and it would take some code in order to take away a lot of the features Events+ has to make it the same.

      Also, I did add a custom css plugin, you can delete that - sorry about that, meant to delete it after.

      I'll switch you back to the other plugin, then once you get that setup again let us know and I'll flag SLS(coding experts) to come in and see if they can get that working :slight_smile:

      Look forward to your reply.

      All the best,

  • SangBum

    Hey Tyler,

    Thanks for the understanding.

    Um .. i have a little problem here.

    That i have switched the plugin back to the group calendar and deactivated the Events + but it is not disappearing from the frontend and the functions of Event+ seem to be remaining.

    Could you please take a look into it ?

    Do i need to delete them from FTP ?
    It is a strange behavior or i am suspecting something related to the WPMU dashboard plugin that is not completely deleting the plugin.

    Thank you and i hope the issue will be solved with the group calendar.

    I hope to hear some happy news from you soon:slight_smile:

    Regards, SB

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey SangBum,

    No problem! I deactivated Events+ and cleared your cache, that seemed to do the trick - it's no longer on the front end now :slight_smile: you can delete the plugin completely if you like.

    I see the BuddyPress Group Calender is all setup. So I will call in SLS now and they can take a closer look at the 404 issue. Thanks a ton for all your patience here!

    As mentioned earlier, SLS can sometimes take a little longer than usual to respond due to the complexity of the threads they deal with.

    Hope you have a great weekend SB!


  • Jose

    Hi @SangBum,

    Hope you are doing well today!

    I was working hard to troubleshoot this issue, but still can't get to the bottom. It is a real pain to debug this complex problems remotely.

    The issue here is not being caused by the Gruop Calendar plugin actually. It is a routing problem into the buddypress code.

    I get to fix one of the issues. Now, the calendar links for each day are being formed correctly:

    Te workaround is to add wrap the formatted link into urldecode() to avoid breaking the strftime() replacement. This is a customization added to the file ..\bp-group-calendar\groupcalendar\calendar.class.php.

    Now, the remaining issue is that the rewrite rule for the url is not working. (also, I noticed this with other parts of the site, not only with the calendar).
    I'm quite sure that this is related to the encoded segments in the url causing problems.

    You will notice that I added a plugin called "Debug This". You can check what I'm saying by going in the Admin Bar to Debug This->Query->Rewrites.
    For those urls that are working, you will see a match rewrite rule. For the broken urls you will notice that there is not matching rule, and therefore it is redirecting to a 404 page.

    Also, for debugging purposes, I moved the cache plugins to a folder called plugins-old. You can move those back if you need to, but try to hold until the issue is sorted.

    I'll flag the lead developer to ask for his input on this. It can take some time.

    In the meantime, please try running a fresh install using only the basic components to check if the error still happens and let us know the result.


  • SangBum

    Hello Jose,

    If you suspect this is a theme issue, should i completely delete the them files by FTP and try to reinstall what happens ?

    Do you think it worth of doing this ?

    Plus, do i also have to delete all the plugins activate them again in order to completely reset ?

    Please give me an advise on this.

    I am willing to do so if it worth trying.

    Thank you, i will wait for your reply:slight_smile:

  • Jose

    Hey @SangBum,

    No,I don't suspect that this is a theme issue.

    I'm 99% sure that this is the korean encoded URL.

    I don't suggest to reset your site. I suggest to create a new site in a subdomain or a subfolder, installing only buddypress and group calendar (in the default language if possible). Once you confirm that it works, change the language to Korean and see if that is causing the issue.

    I'll wait for your feedback!


  • SangBum

    Dear JJ,

    Ha.... being impatient.. i already deleted all the files related to the theme, even deleted the whole wordpress file( i made a backup of plugins though).

    Okay, i will taker your advise.
    However, could you give me a specific advise on how i can create a new site in a subdomain or a subfolder.??

    Or should i request something to the host supplier to change something?

    Please understand that i am a beginner in this field.

    Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

  • Jose

    Well, impatient people learn fast. :slight_smile:

    If you are open to delete things that easily, you can just remove all your files, create a new DB, and start from scratch there.

    For subdomains, usually your host provides you some kind of panel to manage your account (cpanel, plesk , or similar). There you should be able to creat subdomains pointing to a specific folder. Once you create the subdomain, the new folder for the subdomain should be available in your FTP.

    Your hosting should guide you to achieve this if run into any problem. But you can also find good tutorials online.

    Let me know if you still need help with this.


  • SangBum

    Hello Jose and Tyler,

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to create a "create a group" button somewhere else on a customized page by linking the create a group URL but it shows 404 page when i click on the link i created.

    However, i try to create a group on the default "create a group" button of BP and it works just fine. Double checked the URL link i put on the customized button but they are exactly the same.

    Is this also a language problem that might be related to the Calendar appointment page showing 404 ??

    Should i use WPML and see what happens ??

    At the moment, i am searching for any URL problems showing 404 pages because of using different languages on google.

    Please advise your idea on this as an expert.

    Really hope we can find what the problem is...

  • SangBum

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Never mind,,, i solved the problem for the create a group button...

    Thought this might be relevant to our URL problem...

    When i click on the right button to copy the URL of that default button and paste it to the customized group button i made, it just works.. but when i copy it from the address it doesnt.... strange..

    Anyway i was hoping i could also give some idea..
    But no help !!

    How is the investigation going with the core developers ??

  • Jose

    Hi @SangBum,

    I finally get this sorted. :slight_smile:

    It is working in your site, I already installed the patch.

    For future reference, this is a bug in BuddyPress core routing. There is a routine that parses the URI and check if the segments correspond to a component. The error is that the URI path for encoded laguages sometimes returns an uppercase string. The comparison is plain, so therefore the slug is not matching.

    I'm attaching the fix just in case somebody else experience the same issue. It is a mu-plugin to be installed inside the folder wp-content/mu-plugins

    The code is hooking in the path filter and forcing it to lowercase before the comparison:

    if(! class_exists('Fix_BP_Routing') ):
        class Fix_BP_Routing{
            function __construct(){
                add_filter( 'bp_uri', array($this, 'fix_bp_path'), 999, 1 );
            function fix_bp_path($path){
                return strtolower($path);
        new Fix_BP_Routing;

    Please let me know if everything works fine now. :slight_smile:


  • Jose

    Hey @SangBum,

    I'm glad to hear it worked!!

    Regarding the translation, our plugin is ready to be translated by just adding your .po and .mo files into the folder ..\wp-content\plugins\bp-group-calendar\languages.

    I'm quite sure you already deal with this files to translate the whole site, so it is basically the same.
    In a few words, you need to create your translation files using Poedit, and then place the created .po and .mo files into the plugin language folder.
    This article might be helpful:

    Let us know if you need further support on this.

    Thanks for your patience with the original issue!