A few questions about the Wiki and CustomPress

I've got a Formidable form here: http://debatewise.net/add-debate/ and have set it to create a Wiki entry on submit. I've also set up Formidable so that it should populate the custom fields I created in CustomPress. But it's not. The Wiki is created and given the title from the form, but the custom fields look empty.

Secondly, the way in which wikis created via the Formidable are displayed (http://debatewise.net/debates-w/wednesday-test-4/) is different to how wikis created by Dashboard >> Add Wiki are displayed (http://debatewise.net/debates-w/wednesday-test-5/). The display I actually want is the former.

Can the categories I've used in Formidable be mapped to the categories the Wiki uses? If so, how?

How do I display the CustomPress fields in the wiki? Are they then editable in the normal wiki way?

Thank you.