A Few Questions- I'm new

Hi All,

I have read several places that putting the plugins into the MU-Plugins directory activates them site wide. That you shouldn't put them all in that directory, and one should be careful which ones go in. So far all of the premium plugins have been for the MU-Plugins directory and a few free download ones too

First, I was surprised that there were no pre-installed plugins with the default WPMU install. It could be only in the two themes that I've looked at. I will activate all the themes and then take a look at them all.

-Are there no preinstalled plugins?
-Are most of premium plugins for the other directory, "Plugins" or for "MU-Plugins"?

Any other words of wisdom for a new WPMU site owner?


  • drmike

    First, I was surprised that there were no pre-installed plugins with the default WPMU install.

    Donncha murged all the default ones into the code a few code updates ago.

    Gotta admit 95% of our plugins are in mu-plugins. Widgets, stats, video filters, etc. The major plugin in the regular plugin subdirectory is the forum plugin for the individual blogs. The sitemap one should be as well as you don't want that running 100% of the time. (It mucks up importing.) Any ones you want to let your users make a choice on. Google analyitcs for example.

    The premium plugins go into the mu-plugin subdirectory as there's a check to see if they're activated. you actually want them turned on all the time to make sure that check is being done.

    Any other words of wisdom for a new WPMU site owner?

    Honest answer? Learn where your webserver and mail error logs are and keep an eye on them. Keep an eye on trac as well as that's usually where bugs get reported.

    If you add a new feature in, test test test. Even if it's a theme, make sure it actually works. if it doesn't, it screws up other people as well.

    Communicate with your end users. You get your own blog. Use it to announce new features and the like. Heck, blog about some of your endusers and their blogs. if you've got end users helping out in a forum, make sure that you thank them on occasion.

    Hope this helps,

  • TomFisher

    "The sitemap one should be as well as you don't want that running 100% of the time."

    Oops. To late. I already installed it in MU-Plugins. I'll uninstall and then reinstall in Plugins.

    On the sitemap, there was a couple. Do you just pick one or use both?

    So I should set up a test install to try out everything there first. Okay.

    I'll check on those logs, and when I launch and get users, I'll be sure and communicate.

    To me this is very cool. Going to be fun.

    Thanks much,

  • drmike

    Not a problem. :slight_smile:

    Gotta admit that if you're testing, you're probably doing better than most folks. Had someone about a month ago who dropped in a hundred themes and then couldn't understand why his site didn't work.

    Aside to Andrea: There's a topic for a tutorial. How to correctly install a theme in wpmu and what needs to be done to get it up to spec.

    Sitemap: We use this one. Do note that you have to use the version 3.0.1 of it as the version 2 now breaks with that tax-stuff that's now in the wordpress code. There's a thread over on the mu forums on whatneeds to be checked and changed to make it work.

  • drmike

    So far, the only plugins I have in the plugins subdirectory are the sitemap one, a Google Analytics/ Urchin plugin for those who want to use that tracking software, the forum software, a poll plugin, a post rating plugin, and I believe that's it. Basically anything that, outside of widgets, you want your clients to make a choice if they want to use or not, drop in the plugins subdirectory.

    Also, the normal plugins for wp, do they all need to be modified to work with wpmu? How do I know if they do or not?

    Most do not. The easiest way to determine if they need something done to them is to try them out and see what occurs. You can also search the mu forums as usually someone has already had the same issue and worked out a solution.

    Hope this helps,

  • sunny_chow

    Seeing as how the last post here was 4 years ago, and since then WPMU is now WPMS (WordPress Multi-Site), are there any changes in so far as plugin directory is concerned?

    I see that all my plugins are now stored in the plugins directory. So if this is the case, with reference to what Luke posted above:

    For reference, just so you know, anything dropped into mu-plugins is loaded on every single page load whether it is needed or not.

    Putting anything in mu-plugins should be reserved for special occasions, when you need something for every single user, all of the time.

    Other than that, they should be placed in /plugins as usual, and allow the user to turn them on if need be.

    would having all these plugins active slow down my site drastically?

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