A few questions on Coursepress

Working on an install of Coursepress for a client, ran into a couple issues:

1) http://dearhandmade.staging.wpengine.com/online-workshops/

Any easy way to make that image clickable to the workshop?

2) http://dearhandmade.staging.wpengine.com/online-workshops/craft-shows-101/

Any easy way to fix the Course Structure callouts? They're bumping way below the bullets they're supposed to be next to, and only 3 of the 8 chapters are showing up.

3) Also on that link from number 2 - how do we make the short description longer?

4) Feature Request - If we can change slugs to be whatever we like, I'd love to be able to call the courses something different sitewide as well, so everything's called Online Workshops throughout instead of Online Workshops in some places and Courses in others.

Thanks for your feedback!