A few questions. What is the 'Link URL' under affiliate

Hi. A few questions.

What is the 'Link URL' under affiliate settings for?

Can I confgure it so that when the user logs in they go straight to a page on the site (with shortcodes) rather than Wordpress profile page? (At present they seem to login to Wordpress prolife page and can only access shortcode page by going back out to the main site and clicking the link)

Will this plugin track sales on its own (i.e. Paypal) or do I need to install the Marketpress plugin to do that?

Thanks in advance!

  • Tom Eagles


    Hi there, thats if you wish to change the default url from where the affiliates are tracked from. By default it would be the root so in effect your homepage. I am going to tag the developer for confirmation on this.

    If the user is logged in they wont need to go to the backend as they can access a page as you suggested that was created using shortcodes.

    What i do normally is create a page and use the following shortcodes and create a menu item linking to it.

    [affiliatelogincheck] - place this at the top of the page that you are planning on using the rest of the shortcodes on and it will display a login message if the user isn't logged in.
    [affiliateuserdetails] - mirrors the affiliate details form from the admin area (yellow box)
    [affiliatestatstable] - mirrors the large click statistics table
    [affiliatevisitstable] - mirrors the referrers this month table
    [affiliatetopvisitstable] - mirrors the top referrers table
    [affiliatestatschart] - mirrors the main statistics charts
    [affiliatevisitschart] - mirrors the referrers charts

    The addons such as marketpress and membership are available under the addon settings.

    This allows you to set the rate of commision an affiliate could make based on purchases on your site.

    So for example with marketpress you would go to store settings>payments>and set the global percentage there see screenshot 1

    When using it with membership you can set a % or $ amount per subscription level see screenshot 2.

    This is on the screen for creating subscriptions.

    Hope you find this helpful


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