A few quiestions and adjustments to Direcetory.


url: http://www.test.saharatrek.co.uk/directory/

I am currently testing Directory plugin on my sites. I have noticed couple of errors. Moreover, I would like to make small changes in it, if possible.

1. I have noticed that when new user is created as "Directory Member" they can edit and delete other's user listings. I think they should only be albe to add, edit or delete their own lisitngs
2. While entering credit card details page is with "http" instead of "https". Is there a way to enable secure http? I would not enter my credit card details if I have any concernd about site security.
3. Can I add custom field (pull down list) in credit card details page ? It would be easier if I have some kind of references on my payments.
4. Sign up button is not working. It redirects people to checkout page instead of sign up. Although, Sign up link at the top works fine.

Thanks and I am looking forward to your reply