A few quirks, but nicely done!

Very, very well done plugin. Extremely capable and pretty damn user friendly. And aside from the typos, which take something away from the professional quality, I think your “manual” could be a tad better. There are a few places where you say – I’ll get to that later, but you never seem to get there. For instance, and this one was the most glaring to me, in describing the “postive/negative/avanced” feature of the levels. You never actually get around to telling why it would become so apparent that you recommend using the advance feature, and yet you do note the error message that will appear. That can be frightening if not explained – which it is not. A little testing does make it obvious, as there are levels where you would want both positive and negative to simplify the choices – but that cant be accomplished unless you’re in the advanced section, hence, it the preferred method.

It would also be a nice idea to have an “all” or “nothing” setting, because it’s not really clear what a “visitor” can or can’t see, and in fact I’ve already come up with some conflicts that I’ll try and work through on my own before asking for help.

So overall, this is the best plugin I’ve used here on WPMUDEV – thanks!