A few remarks regarding MarketPress

Allthough I'm a fairly new, and very satified customer regarding forum response and help, I'd like to give some positive critical feedback on the MarketPress plugin.

First this: shipping rates lack a few possibilities that are necessary imho to run a decent shop (which I intend to do). See this thread for example:
What I need is shipping rate Per Amout, so I can give customers free shipping when they order above a certain amount, not an unusual thing in webshops...

Secondly: for Dutch circumstances the checkout process is poorly guided for the customer. Standard futures are a "Back" button, and a step/progress indicator throughout the entire checkout process. It is known that a poorly indicated checkout process is responsible for many early leavings.
Also I miss a "Continue shopping" button when one chooses the Buy Now option.

I'd like to know whether there are plans to built these features in the plugin.
I think MarketPress will improve significantly and be even more attractive to potential (non-coder) customers.
For now, I think the fairly new ShoppPlugin has better these things better organised.

Thanks for you efforts and kind regards,