A few site / framework issues - slider resizing, snapping areas, widget functionlity on homepage

Hi. My problem(s) was submitted on the forum, but I'm stuck at the moment and could do with cracking on with this clients site. Are you able to dip in and have a look at the site for me? My issues are as follows:

1. The widgets arn't working at all on the homepage? Tried a few different plugins but none seem to initiate as sliders. Not sure if this is where I should be posting but your system claims 24/7 support and currently the strange section behaviour and frustration with the widgets is holding me up.

2. I am working to a visual also and would appreciate your advice on the correct way to achieve a desire section which should be really simple to create. It is essentially 4 box areas in a row, with a centered icon above each and a title and text below. I have tried a few different ways but the drag and drop seems very fiddly and hit and miss when the editor is turned off.

3. Tried using the full width slider, but the dragging ability and resizing seems a bit clunky and doesn't snap well. It's displaying quite oddly.

Many thanks.