A few tweaks to two videos that are on the homepage

Hey Folks.

I enabled the support on wpmudev dashboard FYI as well.

The plugins and version of WP needs to remain where they are for the time being (just so you know) . . . smile.

If you look at the screenshot, we are talking about the two video on the homepage on the right a bit after scrolling down some.

1. expand (proportionally) the videos to match the width of the bar at
the top of the column (and match the width of the other 2 columns as well)

2. increase the space between the videos, if possible (ideally, would
like the height of the two videos to match the total height of the 3 boxes
in the first column or the total "news" in the 2nd column)

3. change the video pop-out so that it's just the video player and not a
whole web page

Thanks a bunch!

Let me know when you can . . .


  • Vaughan

    Hi Greg,

    Hope you're well?

    #1 the following CSS should hopefully sort this;

    .content #stories .story {
      margin-left: 0 !important;
      width: 304px !important;
    .content #stories .story a {
      width: 304px !important;
      height: auto !important;
    .content #stories img.attachment-story_thumb.wp-post-image {
      width: 304px !important;
      height: auto !important;
    .content #stories .desc {
      bottom: 6px !important;
      width: 294px !important;

    #2 the following CSS should solve the gap between each video.

    .content #stories ul li.story {
      padding: 0px !important;
      margin-bottom: 2.2em !important;
      background: none !important;

    #3 I have no idea about this, how are you adding those videos to the page? I can't see any widget for them or anything relevant to videos in your home page in pages.

    If you could let me know where abouts you are adding the links to these videos so I can take a look at the code for it.

    Hope this helps

  • Vaughan


    Yes, that helps :slight_smile:

    The video URL in the showcase is actually asking for the URL of the video file itself. As you are linking to a page, this is why it's displaying the whole page as the page template includes the wp_header() & wp_footer() wrapper.

    I tried just entering the video url from the page, but it looks like the actual showcase video URL will not play the m4v file or it can't access it on amazon. You could try uploading it to the media library and trying it that way. (See screenshot) I edited the link in the screenshot for security purposes.

    But I can't think of any other way of doing it.

    Hope this helps

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