A+ / MarketPress faster purchase process – Less Steps

Hi, @hakan and @timothy here are a few things that I’m now working to make the process more user friendly.

1) I’m now trying to cut the process of purchasing an item in the Appointments + / Marketpress to make the system have less pages in the process and finally make the purchase process simplier and faster.

I’ll be using ONLY cubepoint as payment. So the user must buy credits before making a purchase in the site.

When the user clicks the checkout button in the cart, it leads him to the Payment information page. I’d like to cut this page and go straight to finish. Since the user does not need to select any payment option (only cubepoints is available), I think it would be more straight forward to my user and would avoid cart abandonment.

2) I’d also like to make the A+ CONFIRM BUTTON to automatically add the service to the cart. Today when i click this button, it makes the ADD TO CART button to display and then the user needs to click the add-to-cart button to add the service. I need to cut this extra click and make it direct.

3) The service added to the Cart shows today the appointment ID. It does not help the user to identify what he is buying. I’d like to change this info and trade the ID for the Service Name. That would be much more valuable to the user when he looks to his cart.

[Ex. Agendamento Vizoni: 213 (30/11/2012 17:00)] – switch from 213 – A+ ID to the SERVICE NAME he added to the cart).

Can you help me with any of this features? I’m also sending this URL topic to marketpress devs.

  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    Unfortunately this question is a little beyond the scope of support we offer here.

    We have to draw a line between what is “support” and what is “custom”. Think of support as helping you implement our product in any of the ways it’s meant to “out of the box”. Custom work would be anything additional that the plugin doesn’t do by default.

    It’s tricky, and believe me, we’d love to be able to code every single feature/product/customization requested, but it’s not possible. We DO listen to members and plan our development according to what is most popularly requested.

    We recognize that being able to customize products and even create them on the front-end of a site are features that people are asking for and will look into how we can most effectively and quickly accommodate that. However, if you need something that works today we simply don’t have it.

    So, if we can support you in using this plugin on your site as it currently exists, we’re more than happy to do so, but if you need a custom plugin or modifications we don’t have the manpower to assist on that. If you are willing to pay someone to develop this, you should take a look at the WPMU Job Board or Tweaky.

    Sorry that I could not be of further assistance. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re happy to help!

  • diegoys
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Brian, I know that this is far beyond support. :wink:

    I not interested in keeping things simple here, and i just want to make the best for my customers and help the wpmu developers create killer products!

    A few things that i’ll be adding in this forum, will be related to bugs, problems in implementation, and also feature requests.

    I just treat them as one thing – MY TO-DO LIST!

    I really think that those points worth sharing, and maybe some other wpmu users will have the same idea and interest to do the same.

    Most of the things i posted was directly related to help the developer of the plugin to make ir more awesome than it is now and not only to my own project.

    I do think that today the product is great and that i can use it the way it is, but i also think that the points I suggest will greatly improve purpose of the plugin which is, let the user make an appointment online in the easiest and fastest way possible.

    If the dev cannot help me in one of the topics, just consider that a feature request i’m sharing. If they can, it will be greatly appreciated. =)



  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    3) As of V1.1.8, you can use “app_mp_product_name_in_cart” filter hook to modify the display name of the appointment in the cart. Have a look at the call around line 4377.

    2) I will look if this is possible, but I cannot give any promises. A+ is a slave in this case and it has to obey the rules of the master (MarketPress).

    1) I don’t think that is possible in MarketPress. I mean, even if a single payment gateway is selected, you cannot skip that step. This is a MarketPress request though; not related to A+.



  • Michel
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hakan says something about “app_mp_product_name_in_cart” which should do exactly what’s been requested (3).

    How exactly is this used?

    Googling for “app_mp_product_name_in_cart” shows no results at all other than this page and github.

  • diegoys
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi @michel.

    I have now put this project on hold.

    What I did was create another button manually that go directly to 2 pages ahead in the purchase process. This way i could cut a few steps (shipping and cupon code pages) and go for the confirm cart.

    I don’t remember exacly how i did now. It’s been a while, sorry.

    About the hook, i added that to my to-do list, but as we progressed we decided to not use marketpress anymore, so that became irrelevant.



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