A menu issue and minor display issue with Triden theme

I have enabled support access.
I am having a couple of issues with the Triden theme. i have tried most of the themes and this one seems to be the best fit but I need to resolve two issues,
The first, major issue are sub menus. If you have a menu item with sub menus you can click on that sub menu item no problem, however sub menu items at the third level (main/sub/sub) can not be clicked. The third level shows up to the right of the sub menu with a space between and if you move your mouse over to try to click on the third level item the menu thinks you have left the sub menu space and goes back to the main menu item list.
I do not know if I am describing this properly but if you go to the site in question and mouse the second main menu item starting with the letters MY_ _ _ _ _OGS (hidden for security) then mouse over reference at the bottom you will see the FAA Fly Safe Checklist disjointed and displayed to the right, if you try to move your mouse over to the FAA sub menu item you will see the menu reset thinking you have left the menu items.
Is there a way that we can get this working in a timely manner? I could just include the third sub menu items on the sidebar of those second level items pages but because the menu system is highly customized for membership pro 2 this becomes a huge and clunky process. I also want to keep my pages full width so they will dispa properly on a cellular phone.

The second issue is a grey bar that appears across the top of the screen and over the background image. I decided to make the site title and description into a log image for aesthetic reasons. To replicate the grey line you would set your logo as the header image then delete site title and description to remove the white space on top. Once removed you will see this grey line appear.

Feel free to enter a site title to see it be removed if you want to play around, the site is live but not finished and does not have many isers at the moment.