A mistake in login takes users to the wordpress login form

I don’t know if this is an issue with just the Social Theme, but from the login page, if a user makes a mistake in their login info, it then takes them to the wordpress login form. Anyway to have it stay on the buddypress/social login page, with perhaps an error message?

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    Hi and Welcome to WPMU forums!

    it then takes them to the wordpress login form

    This is the default behavior you will find on all wodpress/buddypress sites that I’ve seen (including buddypress.org)

    There is a way to change this, however it is a bit beyond the scope of what we supply here for pluign support here on the forums. That being said I’ve done some looking and found some info that you might find useful :slight_smile:



    Good Luck and let me know if I can help with anything else! I’ll also move to Advanced WordPress just incase anyone else wants to chime in :slight_smile:


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    Hi Kimberly,

    Neither of those options worked.

    Maybe because were on a Windows 2008 server, and one of the solutions required changing the .htaccess for a Linux server, for the other one, I don’t want to make a new login form, I want to use the one that is associated with the ‘Social’ Theme. I know that it’s part of the WordPress default, but I’m thinking that it could be something that is handled in the Theme files, it’s just that no one thought about making it happen. A lot of themes are made just to make them work, not to make them work better.

    Thanks for your help and searching out possible solutions for me. :slight_smile:

  • primated
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    I got the problem fixed by using the ‘Theme My Login’ Plugin:


    I only enabled the ‘Redirection’ portion of it and left the login setting at Default and choose the bottom option for Logout, where I put the main URL of my website.

    Now if a user makes a mistake at login, they get taken to the register page, which I will customize with a message and allow the user to login again.

    I also setup the Security function for the plugin, which allows you to set the amount of logins that can be attempted in a given timeframe and how long the user will be locked out.

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