[A multisite for my community ] Multisite Website For Teachers and Leaners to Blog and Build Websi

Please I need your advice, information, etc. that will enable me quickly set up for my community, a multisite that is a smaller and simpler version of Edublog (I like Edublog a lot).

Here are some objectives of my multisite:

1. Members will be able to create blogs and build websites.

2. They will teach and learn from each other.

3. They will be able to monetize their blogs and websites.

4. There will be free and pro memberships.

5. The multisdite will provide tools and other services for the members.

6. Included will be other features that will enhance the activities of the multisite and help members to actualize their desires.

Please help me and let me know if you need more details concerning the planned multisite.

Thank you so much.