A multisite plugin at the site level that lets me sell from a common repository

I am looking for a plugin or something that would allow me to create a library of products on my top domain site that would move down and add to the sub-site.

So on my main site http://www.mysite.com I have a list of documents/videos that I want to allow all of my sub-sites (abc.mysite.com, 123.mysite.com) to purchase from and then make it available on their site.

I have looked through all the plugins, but perhaps I have just missed something that would do this. I am currently using the ProSites plugin.


  • Brian

    Yeah, I have been able to work with that just fine. The issue I am having is if I use the eCommerce plugin, it works at the sub-site level. I want something similar to how the WPMU Dev plugin works that would let you see a list of things to buy from a central site, that then would be added to the sub site by allowing the admin of the sub-site to add that content.

    When we setup the sub-site it comes with a certain set of products already installed and active based on their level from the Prosites plugin. However, I want something that would not change their level but would let them buy content pages or videos from us, a la carte, that would then show up on a page for their users.

    Does that make sense? Having trouble putting that into words it seems.


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Brian,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for the additional information.

    That makes perfect sense and we have had a large amount of requests for that, while there isn't currently anything available for this to my knowledge anywhere.

    I've added this as a feature request and to the others :slight_smile:

    We are currently working on some great new products, but once those are out we'll always looking for more great things to develop.

    Currently the best way would be to add a plugin keep it non network activated and then use a front-end e-commerce plugin for them to purchase it and then you manually activate it on that site.


    Kind Regards

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