A network of multi network wordpress sites

this is just an idea in my head but wanted to know if it can be done or not before I waste time trying it and getting hyped up about it.
I would like to create a netwrok of multi network sites where each network will have its own domain name. Now the main question is can each of these small networks operate like a wordpress multi site where each small network can have a market place and a pro-site and domain mapping operating independently from the other networks and each small network gives the ability to customers to open sites/stores of that network. I ask this because from what I understand based on a normal wordpress multi site that when a customer wants to create site or store it has to be created fromt he main site and can't be from a subsite as then it will be subsite of a subsite which result in error, so How can this be done in multi networks.
if the above didn't make since: here is an example of what I mean; lets say the main site is main.com and this will have 5 networks created by me and l want each network to operate independently so its as if I am creating a separate multisite where network1.com will have subsites network1.com/demo1 network1.com/demo2 and so on and also the same for the other networks network2.com/demo1 and so on. does this work or do the subsites always have to be created from the main site so they will be main.com/demo1.

from what my understanding this is how edublog operates I maybe wrong as I am still new to wordpress

any enlightenment and help would be much appreciated and thanks a lot in advance

  • Patrick

    Hi @akh701

    from what my understanding this is how edublog operates I maybe wrong as I am still new to wordpress

    Edublogs is a single network. So is WordPress.com.

    A single multisite setup (network) can handle an unlimited number of sub-sites, depending, of course, on your server/database configuration.

    However, if you really do need several networks, you may be interested in this free tool to help you manage them from a central control panel: http://infinitewp.com/

    Here's a great post on wpmu.org all about it: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/manage-multiple-wordpress-sites-from-one-location-with-this-free-tool/

    Or take a look at this paid service: https://managewp.com/

  • akh701

    Hi @Patrick

    Thans for the quick response. and thanks for correcting me about edublogs and thank you for the great links for managing multisite wordpress.

    However this doesn't answer my question about is it possible to run multiple networks with each networks having its own multisites and if each network can operate independently of the other with its own community, pro-site, marketpress and many more.

    I read this post https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/create-an-unlimited-network-of-wordpress-sites-with-multiple-super-admins-and-a-central-user-base/ which does say I can create multiple networks of multiple sites within each network. However it didn't answer my question regarding the fact that each network operating on its own with its own multisites and own plugins


  • Patrick

    Hi @akh701

    I'm doing a bit of housekeeping by going through some older threads, and I noticed that this one is still open.

    Do you still need assistance on this issue?

    If not, just to get the ticket out of our active system, I'm going to mark it resolved.

    But if you do still need help here, please don't hesitate to re-open the thread by checking the "Mark as not resolved" box below.


  • RavanH

    Hi @akh701 - old question but still only partly answered so...

    If they are created by the same developer I still couldn't get what is the difference between them...

    They have not been developed by the same person. Both have been created independantly but since then, the deveoloper of one has been helping out (I guess because of the added complexity since the file upload paths since WP 3.5) with the other plugin. That's why you see an 'overlap'.

    ...what is the difference between them even though the one you just mentioned does say that each network can have its own set of plugins

    I would not say there is any difference between them. Even though they where built separately and the super admin management looks different, they both depend on and work with the same core WP functionality. They both allow you to create secondary networks with a different root site and different options.

    ... is it possible to run multiple networks with each networks having its own multisites and if each network can operate independently of the other with its own community, pro-site, marketpress and many more.

    Both plugins allow to create multiple networks. And each network will function independently and have a different root site (must have a different domain) and different network configuration. But all networks (because they run on the same code base and database) depend on the same pool of plugins, same pool of themes and same user base.

    The options of each network (like which themes and plugins are network activated, who can create new sites etc) allow you to make them behave completely differently and seemingly independently. Plugins that are network activated should (in theory) be unaware of the fact that there are other networks where they are not activated or are configured differently, just as plugins activated on a per site basis do not influence each other.

    However, there is one limitation (as mentioned in the "caveats"). If the plugin creates its own database tables and creates global tables, meaning that it does not pre-pend these table names with the set prefix (usually wp_) + site ID then its options (or whatever is stored in these new tables) will flood over to all networks. And probably related: a plugin like BuddyPress will still only be possible on ONE site from all sites on all networks.

    I've been using both "Networks for WordPress" and "WP Multi Networks" (but never on the same installation!) successfully in combination with many of the WPMUDEV plugins on multiple network installations without running into any problems. Until yesterday, when I noticed that the plugin Support System does not allow me to create support categories on any of the secondary networks. But I'm not sure yet if this is a related issue. See https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/support-system-and-multi-networks-issue for any follow-up on this.

    Hope this long-winded explanation answers most of your questions :slight_smile:

  • Fabio Fava

    Hey akh701 , hope you're good today!

    Seems that you're looking for Multi Network. One single WP install with a handfull of Multisites under it. Just activate Domain Mapping on each Multisite, and voilá! You can have virtually infinite Multisites under this Multi Network, and virtually infinite Blogs under each Multisite.

    Remember that each domain must point to the same Physical IP of your WP installation (this must be done on your host's cPanel, DNSMadeEasy or the DNS Control Panel of your choice).

    I feel like it's a way more simple than you think, give it a try!

    Soon I'll be pushing an article about Multi Network and I'll try to remember to post the link here.


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