A new gift for members- Run your site inside a Facebook Page – Offered because I need points :o)


The download Link is at the end of this post

See it in action – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Telling-Tales/178507982266809?sk=app_192317387548897

Hi all,

I’m needing to get myself the points for a lifetime membership, and I want to offer something in exchange for points.

Right now, I need a further 197 points and 3 members to donate, of course I’ll need more than 3 members to get the 197 points :o)

I’ve submitted this to http://www.wpplugins.com at $19.95, so get it while you can for points :o)

What does this plugin do

Set up WordPress as your Facebook page in less than 5 minutes!

Facebook is now one of the best online locationsw for marketing yourself, your business or your product, and WordPress is the best way to create a website.

This plugin gives you the best of both worlds, by allowing you to place your entire website within a Facebook page, meaning that if it can be done in WordPress – it can now also be done on your Facebook page.

Becuause this just takes your WordPress site in its entirety, you can now have the following on your Facebook Page:

– Themes

– Plugins

– Shortcodes

– Sidebars

– Widgets

– Menus

ANYTHING in WordPress

The user guide gives you everything you need to know about setting up the app for your Facebook page’s tab, setting up the page and using the plugin within WordPress. However, the WordPress side is simple, just fill in your Facebook ID and Facebook Secret – that’s it!

The user guide gives you all the information you need to set up everything in Facebook and WordPress, but just to make sure you get to use this in the best possible way for you, we provide it in three different formats:


– ePub

– Mobi (Kindle)

In the user guide, you’ll also find out how to get a free SSL certificate or, if you prefer not to mess around with certificates, how to set up your secure Facebook tab with no extra tools in seconds.

Download Link

Password: wpmudev-joe