A plea for HELP - Site Starting to Take Off!

Hey guys,

Site url: http://www.physicianassistanted.com

I need help. Here's the deal. I'm a physician assistant who has been working in academia for the last four years. When entering the educational arena, I couldn't believe how little collaboration there was amongst faculty members across the nation. I also couldn't believe how there was an amazing lack of resources for prospective PA students in helping them to land a seat in PA School. A year and a half ago I knew nothing about building websites. Then I had an idea to create an amazing website for all things Physician Assistant Education. Now the site is starting to take off. I have over 500 members in my Buddypress Community, over a hundred which are paying subscribers [thanks for the Membership plugin Barry :slight_smile:], and more that are joining every day. The site is still in its infancy and I haven't done any marketing. I anticipate these numbers will only climb dramatically as more content and user interactivity is implemented. I'm still in an early beta and yet I'm receiving over 200 visits per day and more than 100 new unique visitors per day.

This is the reason I need help. If you go to my website, you would think I know a ton about building websites. The problem? I feel that I still know only very little. It's amazing that a guy like me can do so much without having any programming skills. Truly it's a testament to the tools available nowadays (i.e., Wordpress and Plugins), as well as a testament to being a part of the ever-so-helpful WPMU Dev community (thanks to everybody for all the help thus far!). I've arrived at a point where I can no longer spend so much time figuring out every bug or problem that arises. I need to dedicate my time to developing content and exploring new ideas. For example, I recently tried to upgrade my Membership plugin from 1.0.5 to 2.0.2. How? Well, because I don't know how to set up a testing site all that well, I just did it live late at night so if anything busted I could backtrack. I tested it, it didn't work, so I reinstalled 1.0.5. So now I need some help with setting up a testing environment. This is just one example. There are so many little things that come up all the time that I need help with.

So, as this is not really a specific job, rather a solicitation to form a working relationship, I thought I would begin here. What I need is someone who is willing to learn about my site, my goals, and my vision for the future, and then to be a regular consultant thereafter. This person needs to be good with Wordpress, Buddypress, and all of the Plugins available through WPMU Dev. They should have some background knowledge of PHP and MySQL. More than anything else, I want them to recognize the amazing potential of this website so they can put their heart into it a little. So if you're that person, or know someone who might fit the bill, please let me know and we can chat! If not, could anyone please provide me with advice on how to set up an excellent testing environment so I don't have to try new plugins on a live site anymore :slight_smile:

I'm using Studio Theme, BP 1.2.8, and several plugins including Membership 1.0.5 and trying to upgrade to 2.0.3.

Thanks in advance for any comments!