A Plugin That Scrolls (vertically) Active/Popular/Recent Clickable User Avatars

I saw in a post from sarah gooding how to make a list vertically of popular user avatars on a page, however it wouldnt work when trying to use it on other pages as my wigets wouldnt show up when i used the "gallery" template. i was wondering if there was a plugin i could use to scroll the users vertically.. i like her idea <sarah's> because it made the avatars larger in her presentation rather than the usual small ones that most other plugins use.. i found a plugin that scrolls vertically but it must be used as a widget, no short code available.. what i need is something that allows me to set options as to how the gallery of avatars scrolls, allows a user to click the avatars to link directly to their profiles, and automatically shows most recent users, or most popular, or most active, or all based on some criteria that could be selected from a plugin console settings page? is there soemthing like this available for buddypress? I believe that for a social networking site, it's quite useful if a visitor can see that there are actually other people on and active on the site. It's the old Bandwagon technique and it still works :slight_smile: someone let me know if they can help me? perhaps the nice woman that made the post on how to make a gallery of avatars could modify her code in some way to allow for a scrolling gallery of the same information? usable via shortcode so i can place it on any page i wish? :stuck_out_tongue: i can dream cant i? Email: bunkybuddy@bunkybuddy.com