A plugin that works to customize BuddyPress BuddyBar.

Hey guys, it’s me again.

Well… I’m beginning with one fella an really nice BuddyPress Project here in Brazil, it this is getting on, but I’m stoped with a really boring thing: Customize BuddyPress BuddyBar.

I’ve found some nice plugins to the buddybar as one that adds the sitewide buddypress menu (Activity, Forum, Groups…:wink: to the BuddyBar instead have a menu, what is really nice ’cause it let’s the buddypress theme more like facebook and google+, but I want and need more features to add to the buddybar.

I want to add my logo to the bar and add a “facebook/G+” like avatar and search to the buddybar too, but not a simple search, the buddypress search with that option to choose if the user wants to search for members, groups…

Is there a plugin on the web that does what I need? Please, one that works, ’cause I think I’ve tested about some 7 or 8 plugins that not even worked and one that crashed my wordpress instalation… What gave me a big headache to fix…

Thanks guys!