A Plugin to Restrict Permissions related to a SECOND Admin?

This is my issue:

1) I've built a website for a client.
2) I want to give him access to most plugins (these plugins may require Admin role for the client to use it).
3) But I need to restrict some of the menu items for this client (menu items that obviously appear to all Admins).

Is there a way to either:
* Restrict some menu items or plugins for a specific user (rather than for a specific role/level)?
* Make the user an Editor and enable specific plugins that are written only to show for admins?

Thanks for your help!

  • bpublic
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    I just looked some more... of course, the multisite plugin manager is only for network enabled websites; therefore, wouldn't be applicable to my situation. I realize that this is the main thrust of WPMUdev, but was just hoping that there may be a non-network/multisite answer to my dilemma.

    To re-state (in a different way) my main problem:

    I built website for a client. I need to have some areas active and some inactive (by areas, I mean menu items, plugins, permissions).

    If there were a way to make him an admin (giving him everything) and then specifically hiding or removing certain things from him (but not ALL admins) that would be totally cool.

    As it is, a couple of the plugins are set to only appear for admins, not editors... if you know how I could easily change these plugins to grant access to editors, that would be another possibility -- though not as elegant (because it would be overwritten each time I need to update the plugin).

  • Philip John
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    a couple of the plugins are set to only appear for admins, not editors

    Great! So using Members (linked above) you can create a new role (e.g. "Client admin") to which you do the same thing.

    I.e. some plugins will be set to only appear for admins, not client admins.

    I think that'll do it for ya!


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