A "possible" WordPress issue

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I own two GoDaddy Ultimate accounts and neither one of them has a website with enough heavy traffic to slow down a site. This is a completely new site I originally created under hosting acct #1. Shortly after creating it I started to get the error above. Strangely enough the error appears after the site is created. I went through and removed all of the plugins to no avail. I contacted GoDaddy and got stuck with 1st line support who was absolutely no help at all. At one time they noted an issue, supposedly made a change which seem to work for a minute until the issue occurred again. I rebuilt the site 3 times under this first account and would continue to get the same error. So I move the domain over to acct #2 and rebuilt the site yesterday. All was well last night until I awoke the next morning to discover the same stinking error. The odd thing is that it only occurs with this one site. Every other site under this account loads fine. So I'm wondering if the issue could be with WordPress and if so has anyone come across this on other hosts? I've tried a few themes but still notice the issue. Any suggestions on troubleshooting or fixes would be appreciated.