a question about snapshot pro

Do I have to do anything to backup my site or is it automatic? If I need the backup, how do I restore from and earlier version? It is my understanding that this backs up my site to the cloud. Is that correct?

  • Nastia

    Hello Karen ,

    Thank you for your question.

    The Snapshot Pro plugin have Managed Backup feature and Snapshot backups.

    Managed Backups run a full site's backup either automatic or manual and store the data on our cloud servers. You can set up automatic backups from Snapshot > Managed Backups

    Insert the Snapshot key and activate it. Please note that backups file are deleted after a period of 30 days from our servers. This is why you should schedule if nor daily backups, but at least weekly automatic backups.

    As for the Snapshot backups, which can be created from Snapshot > Add New can be stored locally, or on cloud services like:
    Google Drive
    Amazon S3
    and on FTP Destinations

    Snapshots backups also can be done manually or scheduled.

    If I need the backup, how do I restore from and earlier version?

    It is easy to restore a backup; you can restore it by clicking on "Restore" link from Snapshot > All Snapshot. If the backup is not in the backup list, you can import it from a cloud or a localhost destination.

    Restoring full backups from Managed Backups can be done in the same way. In case your site will be totally lost, backups can be downloaded directly from the Hub, along with Snapshot script. Once you upload these to your main site location on your server, the Snapshot script will restore the backup for you.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!