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This plugin eliminates the need for the default template plugin, correct?

Also, once the template has been copied - is it safe to delete the sub-site that was used as the base template or does that have to remain in place?

And...you can find this typo here. It's actually in the screenshot. ; )

I've also attached a screenshot of the video thumbnails being shown after watching the video for this plugin. (You'll have to click it manually to see it).

Nice bum huh? (lower left) I've seen that same bum several times today in more than 1 video here on WPMUDEV. I don't care....... I even enjoy it a bit but I'm not sure about other potential / current customers. Just giving you all a heads up in case you weren't aware this was happening.

~ Corey

  • DavidM
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    Hi Corey,

    The New Blog Templates plugin would indeed eliminate the need for the default theme plugin. The templates created with it are still based on the site used to create them though.

    Basically, a site is specified as a template and when a new site is created using that template, the templated site will essentially be copied onto the new site.

    So in essence, the template isn't a stored, static copy of the site with its settings. Rather, it's a live clone, where any changes made to the templated site will be reflected in sites created with that template.

    It can seem a bit confusing so just let us know if that needs further clarification.

    Thanks too for those typos. They'll take a moment to fully sort, but we'll get to them right away.


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