A Realistic Suggestion for Better Plugin Update Notifications

So i just stumbled upon the thread saying that a new update to the domain mapping plugin had been updated today.
When im not having problems, i dont check the site as regularly and i miss the threads saying when new releases are available..

I think a way to better keep up on plugin updates would be a good idea.
Perhaps a new readable only forum titled 'plugin update releases' or something, containing only 1 post long threads titled along the lines of 'domain mapping 1.0.3 available'. It would be an unclutered list of plugin update releases, and if each thread was only the original post and locked, the 'freshness' indicator would show how long ago the update was released..

i think this simple chronological list of the plugins updates would really help!

p.s I could pull this forum up for my boss when our membership expires (at the end of this month *sob*) and "say, we updated everything a month ago. every update inside of 30 days freshnesss, we've missed.."