A script to create those 256 little buggers


A small script to create and assign those dbs to your user:

[link removed – drmike]

Used with CPanel.

xxUSERNAMExx is your CPanel hosting account username

xxUSERPASSWORDxx is your CPanel hosting account password

xxMYSQLUSERNAMExx is your MySQL username

It’s hard coded for the CPanel ‘x’ theme. Please note the urls. If you’re using something besides ‘x’, please review the 2 URLs in there.

Please also note the 10 second time outs. It will take time to run. The timeouts are a good idea.

Hardcoded for 256 databases. Your MySQL user has to be created a head of time.

I think that’s all the docs you need in there.

Hope this helps,


edit: You need to start the count at 0 as the 00 database is needed.

I actually run this script in batches to prevent timeouts. 0 to 50, 51 to 100, etc.

Also the prefix that CPanel adds onto the database and user names is not needed. CPanel will do that for you.