A shortcode to spit out a product's remaining quantity or inventory (or a hack to accomplish th

Hey there.

We sell classes, and the classes have a certain size. Being able to tell our prospective customers how many seats are left is important.

If there was a shortcode that returned the remaining inventory of a product in Marketpress - that would be very, very, very helpful for us.

But... well I've been on enough forums to know that people get a little annoyed when you don't at least search first - and it looks like the answer is pretty clearly "no, there's not a shortcode for this."

That being said - I have two questions:

1. The threads on this imply that it is asked for enough that it's on the agenda, so is there an ETA?
2. Is there a hack around this. I'm only capable enough in php to be dangerous to myself and others, but my guess is with the help of the caliber of people that tend to respond to these questions (no, this is not pure pandering... a tiny bit, but 95% just flat-out the way I feel about how awesome this community is compared to other "support" forums) my guess is I can hack it if I'm just pointed in the right direction.

Please help!