A suggestion or two for Membership Premium...

1) After a successful registration, the "landing page" menu does not refresh to show member only menu items, so it is somewhat confusing to the newly registered user as it kind of seems like "nothing changed".

Once you go to a different page - the site home page for example, at that point the protected menu items then appear.

2) It seems like it would be better to have the user complete payment first THEN create a username and profile.

3) During the user name/profile creation, if a user attempts to use a name that is already in the system or an email, it gives no indication as to what is going on - it appears that the site is "broken" because all that happens is the screen refreshes and drops you right back in the same place, less your passwords...

Keep up the good work

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    1. The plugin doesn't control the menu, that's handled by the theme.

    You could put some logic around the menu and have two, one for logged in and one for not. you could even use the shortcodes with do_shortcode:


    Or if all members don't need to see the page then you could use:


    2. Disable allow Incomplete signups from the Options area of the admin. They will need to signup and complete a subscription before their account becomes activated.

    3. I see this too, it should tell you that the credentials are wrong. I'll report this as a bug.


  • MScott821
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Timothy -

    1) I guess I don't fully follow you. What I am saying is that I have a a site with two levels right now - a visitor level (for "strangers") and the members level. The visitor level has a NEgative rule set for menus whereby the menu choices pertaining to the member ship content is protected.

    This works as expected - EXCEPT - immediately after successfully completing a registration, the new member cannot see their membership related menu options UNTIL they move to another page/force a refresh. It would seem to me since the "Welcome" page is loaded freshly after completing the registration process, it too should reflect the correct menu options.

    2) I do not have incomplete sign ups enabled. This is not about whether the user gains access to the member content when they shouldn't - I am saying that it is more logical flow to have the user pay first and then create a user account. Creating a user account first and then paying is counter-intuitive.

    3) Tried in Safari on a Mac, and Mozilla on Windows - same on both.

    Thank you.

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