a user friendly grouped plugin activator

Hi Guys,

I've no clue if this kind of plugin exists, but Google didn't lead me to it :slight_smile:

I'm looking for a way to create plugin packages that a user can activate trough a user-friendly interface. For example:

I want to have plugin groups (packages) based on functionality:
- Group 1: Picasa
- Activate Picasa plugin 1
- Activate Picasa plugin 2
- Group 2: Flickr
- Activate Flickr plugin 1
- Activate Flickr plugin 2
- Group 3: Foursquare
- Activate Foursquare plugin 1
- Activate Foursquare plugin 2
- Group 4: Facebook
- Activate Facebook plugin 1
- Activate Facebook plugin 2
- Activate Facebook plugin 3

With this interface the user can select which services they use and want to integrate in their website. I don't want my user to see buttons for Flick/Picasa or other photo services if they don't use them.

Even better will be a Wizard that helps the visitor, example:
- Where do you want to store your photo?
- Flickr
- Facebook
- Picasa
- Which social network do you use?
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Google+
Based on the selection in the Wizard the plugin groups are activated and the user only get the functionality they want.

Do you know any plugin that does this (or a part of this) and what do you think of the idea?

Thanks in advance,