A way for users to privately submit files and a jury to review and apply numerical scores?


I’m trying to duplicate the functionality of a previous website using only Wordpress and plugins. There are so many options and ways to go, and I’m not even sure if it’s all doable within WP — so I’m hoping someone here might provide some guidance/suggestions on how to proceed. Here are the details:

The site is a non-profit site (and so everything needs to be free or at least low-cost).

The non-profit organization that runs the site offers a grant to artists, and I need to build a way for applicants to privately and securely submit files, and for reviewers (the grant jury) to be able to review them easily and also some way to score them.

The site already uses Ultimate Member for profiles, and so that can be used as a way for people to register when they are applying. Everything regarding this should also happen on the front end only, and with Ultimate Member I can limit access to certain pages/areas to certain users. There would be “Applicant” roles and “Juror” roles used here. I would create a Grant Submission landing page for logged in applicants, where there should be a button/link that says “Start submission process.”

From here forward is where I need a little help….


Once clicking on “Start Submission,” applicants should then be taken to a private area of the site that is not seen by the public or other applicants. There would be a list of required materials (and some info given on what each means), and then buttons for uploading those files (probably only PDF’s and image files — but it would be nice to enable other file formats as well). Applicants would be uploading anywhere from 5-15 files, so whatever’s used needs to accommodate that many. Once finished uploading all the required files, there would be a "submit proposal” button that would then lead the applicant to a "Thank you” page. Jurors (or at least admin) should get some kind of notification that a new grant proposal was submitted.


I’ll also create a private landing page accessible only to people with the Juror role.
On this page should be a list of applicants who have already submitted so far, and links to their proposals (the files they uploaded). Next to each name should be "all materials submitted" and their "final score” so far. The applicant’s files should be able to be viewed online within the site (preferred) or at least able to be downloaded. Then there should be some way for jurors to mark a numerical score for each submitted piece after they’ve reviewed it (each piece would have a different point range too — so there should be some flexibility offered there).

There should also be a way to see how many of the jury have voted on each applicant so far, so that it’s clear when ALL voting for an applicant has been “finished". Something like "7 of 10 have submitted scores." Or even "7 judges have submitted scores on this proposal.”

At the bottom of this page would be a Submit Score button, and jurors would do this every time they finish a new review of an applicant. The Admin would need to have the ability to 'Un submit' someones proposal so that changes can be made. (Every year there is someone who made a mistake and wants to fix it.)

The judges should also have the ability to 'un submit' their final scores and resubmit at will until the due date. This is less important.

1). Some way for users with certain roles to submit files (PDF and images files minimum) for review.
2). A way for other roles to review said files and give numerical scores to them, and have those scores be tallied and displayed for jurors only.
3). Preferably a way for notifications to be sent out for new submissions

There’s a whole lot of other things I’d like to include during this process, but these are the essential basics and so I want to make sure I have this down so far at least. I see many plugins for uploading files, but I need some way to then have those files be “scored” by the judges, and to see how many judges have scored so far.

So does anybody here have some suggestions of WP plugins/services that could provide the type of functionality I describe above???
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!