A way to check off or mark completed with membership pro?

Is there any way to have a member somehow mark off content as completed. So for example, maybe they watch a video training and somehow it shows that it was already watched when/if he comes back to that page. Either with a checkbox, or some other status.

Or if you have a variety of training content on one page and you want to be able to show that this page of content was completed. Whether that is something on the page itself, or if I could somehow mark this in a dashboard.

For example, one thing I am doing is creating a dashboard (by dashboard I don't mean WP - just a standard page I will create with a list of all the training content) and a link to each page with that training. So on the dashboard it would be great to have it marked off what they already completed..

Any thoughts or options around this would be great to hear - Ideally I would like a built in solution rather than custom designing, just for ease of support.

Thanks! David