A way to display users in alphabetical list?


So I have a site with over 400 users, and I'm using the Ultimate Member plugin to give them beautiful profiles. You can make really nice-looking member directories with the plugin too.

However....that's not what my client wants.
He just wants a straight-forward, simple, alphabetical list of all user names so people can find other users quickly (I will probably add this as a sidebar in addition to the Ultimate Member directories). And if you click on a username, you get taken to a user's Ultimate Member profile. That's it. Easy, right?

Well apparently not. I can't seem to find a plugin that's not at least $40 to make a simple alphabetical list of users. This is a non-profit site, and we can't really afford to spend that much on something that SHOULD be super simple.

Anyone here have an idea of a free plugin that does something like this, or some simple code I can implement to do make this functionality work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated -- thanks!