A way to rearrange how membership levels are displayed?

I'm starting to realize that the membership levels are being displayed on "Membership" and "Register" pages in the order of most recently created level on top, and first-created level on the bottom. I want the reverse of this.

Is there a way to rearrange how the membership levels are listed on these pages? I know I can delete and re-enter all the levels all over again in the reverse order, but:
A) That's a big pain in the you-know-what
B) If I add additional levels in the future, and want them in a specific order, I don't want (and wouldn't be able to), delete and re-enter all the levels again.

So how can they safely be arranged after they've been created? I know there are re-order post types plugins out there -- would those work in this case??

Also -- since we're talking about the register pages...is there an easy way to insert additional content anywhere on these pages? For example, if I want to group some of the levels together with some description text, and other levels together with different description text, or add images to accompany the levels, etc -- how can I do this?