A+, When Booking an appointment, Iphone does not automatically scroll down to confrimation window.


Website located here:


When booking using a desktop browser (google chrome);

1. Date and time are selected,

2. Processing circle appears.

3. Once Processing circle dissapears, The page auto scrolls down to the confirmation window to make it obvious that more information is required (works perfectly).

However When using my cell phone (iphone 5s):

1. I click the date- time selection shows up

2. I click a time- a processing circle appears

3. Once Processing Circle Disappears, the confirmation window shows (However the auto scroll down does not occur.)

Because the auto-scroll does not happen, it may appear to the end user that nothing happened. Can you please let me know how to enable the auto scroll down on the iphone?

Alternatively, can the confirmation window be displayed in a new window or popup window so that it is obvious that more information is needed


Dominic Cayme