AAM cannot access anymore in the super admin

Hello Admin,
Hello, i encountered a problem with my superadmin account in blog.rosper8dotcom.com.
I'm testing each site. I have a plugin installed which is the AAM plugin.

Then i deactivate some like posts, medias, users, etc. and etc... so i am quite sure i am login with my super admin so the reason i did that is to deactivate some features and menus into my users account and incoming users...hope you got what i mean.

Then when i opened one of my user name maribel under blog.prosper8dotcom.com/maribel i saw the AAM PLUGIN??? so how's that happened since i am deactivating such features on maribel's account or to my user's account.

And what happened was reversed, me as super admin my AAM PLUGIN was lost and those i deactivate for my users happened to deactivate on mine, my super admin...not to them..

How's that happened?
Please give me an advise. since i already using the AAM plugin before and it's quite okey before, but now what happened was reversed.

Thanks a lot and please help...