Ability to activate smart crawl on a per site basis

Really wanting to activate smart crawl on a per site basis in my multi-site setup...but can't...which now forces me to have to piece together other plugins.

I realize there are some nifty network wide abilities, but the network managers should also be able to activate on a per site basis for special clients, or as pro-site tier.

It seems to be a disadvantage to block it to only network activation, can you please...remove forcing to network activation....please. Thanks!

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Ben

    You can't exactly activate the plugin on per site basis. Even if you remove network true, it may still create some errors.

    What you need to is to configure from network admin so that the subsite admin can get access. Please follow the screenshot below:

    You can also check our documentation here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/docs/wpmu-dev-plugins/smartcrawl/

    Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Have a nice day!


  • Ben
    • The Reaper


    I understand...but if you are running a network of sites and dont want certain sites having access to these items or want to make seo a premium feature for clients...then this doesn't work...which is a major gap causing me to have to use another plugin which I dont want to do and seems unnecessary given this plugin could be modified to work as desired I believe with not much extra work.

    So i am pointing out a major bug in my opinion as it doesn't allow me to use the plugin as desired in the most standard way possible...

    Would really like to the dev to respond to this and possibly create a timeline to fix...i mean this is a paid plugin after all...there are certain expectations for things to work! I think the plugin has really come together lately, would like to see what I am suggesting (being able to simply activate it as a normal plugin non-network mode on a persite basis)


  • James Morris
    • WordPress Enthusiast

    Hello Ben & Steve - Just Think BiG

    I've spoken with the Lead Dev on the plugin project and got his feedback regarding your concerns. Here's the summary:

    Basically, this is how the plugin was designed... However, there's also the fact that the SmartCrawl is actually multisite-first plugin, and was meant to control the SEO of the whole network from one place. That is its primary mode of operation. In per-site mode (secondary mode) the network admin still has more control over its behavior than they would otherwise. It not being able to be a part of the pro sites tier is basically the only downside to this approach, really.

    So, in short, this is how it is designed, intentionally.

    Nevertheless, we've made the Lead Dev aware of this request and it is being considered. However, it is not likely to make production in the near future. There are some other major changes that are taking precedence to help further improve what SmartCrawl does in its intended form.

    I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • Ben
    • The Reaper

    It not being able to be a part of the pro sites tier is basically the only downside to this approach, really.

    No...that's not true. In a multi-site environment, even without pro-sites, a person (like me) might have lots of blogs for clients he is managing. A person (like me) might get hired to do additional seo work and want to only activate seo features for certain customers. What add additional weight to blogs that I am not using site crawler with? What if another blog wants to use a different seo plugin? Is the weight of site crawler still existing unnecessarily?

    I understand and love the ability of network wide management features...and in some scenarios thats what I want in some of the network blogs i have. But I also want to very use it without the network enhancements. It does a really great job in replicating yeost features , all the hard work to make these features was already...why block users from using it. We are just talking about some basic administrative feature changes to open it up to a single site install on a network...its not that much work compared to all the work put into this plugin.

    You're literally pushing people to use the competing plugin that is litterally the same features, just administrative change...this seems like very bad logic. We are maybe talking 20 lines of a code change.

  • Ben
    • The Reaper

    Here are the features to keep in mind that are not really network managed features:
    1. Automatic Linking
    2. URL Redirection
    3. Moz Intergration

    4. SEO check up

    As I look through it...everything.. Its just such a great plugin...very frustrated at this very simple what appear unnecessary limitation. Perhaps would help if the developer could respond at the technical limitation that is creating this administrative limitation?

  • Steve - Just Think BiG
    • Thinking Bigger

    I have to say that I agree with Ben on this one, James.

    When a multisite is being used to manage client sites, sites that are completely independent of one another, it's essential to be able to utilise SmartCrawl individually, for me to be able to use it.

    To date, I've been using Yoast and it's been my intention to investigate SmartCrawl further a) because of the good feedback I've heard and b) to see if it's a viable alternative to Yoast. Unfortunately, because of this limitation, I can't use it for clients on my multisite.

    Perhaps your Lead Dev needs to be given different parameters to work to?



  • James Morris
    • WordPress Enthusiast

    Hello Ben & Steve - Just Think BiG

    I really appreciate your added feedback and explanations. They are definitely appreciated! Having more detail gives us something more substantial to pass on to our Dev Team so that they can understand the perspective of our members who are in the trenches working with our products every day in real world scenarios. So, awesome feedback guys! Thank you. :slight_smile:

    I'll pass your comments on to our Lead Dev on this project so he can look into them further as well as flag this ticket appropriately.

    Thanks again!

    James Morris

  • Ben
    • The Reaper

    James Morris

    James bringing this issue up again so that its not side tracked or placed as a low priority item.

    I want to re-iterate..."the way this was intentially designed" to not have the possibility to be activated on a per site basis does not make sense. Both from a technical, user friendly and company mission.

    The way it designed breaks the ability for pro-sites to work properly per its mission on managing premium level functionality.

    If this is the way its designed...it makes no sense.

    This design "Its a Feature" response (LOL) needs to be re-thought asap

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Ben,

    I checked and this is tasked for our developers as an improvement to the plugin. We don't have any info when it which version this is going to be implemented, but it is on the task list to do.
    I'm also subscribed to this task, so if there will be more info we will keep you posted here.

    kind regards,

  • Ben
    • The Reaper

    Kasia Swiderska James Morris

    Just another thought on this and why I still classify this as a bug, please review how WP Smush handles things on network vs single activation.

    Because there seems to be some confusion of this being a bug vs feature which seems to be affecting the priority of getting this fixed, perhaps the developer can review the operation of smush and replicate the interface/functionality?

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