Ability to allow users to change the CSS to their Profile Page?

Is there a way to allow people to change/customize their profile page CSS? Think MySpace.

  • Richie_KS

    hi joseff

    tell you the truth..i been testing beta work on some thing like this.
    but i was testing in buddypress member profile page..not sure
    if that's what you refer to.

    basically instead of using a theme option to hook the color option saved etc
    ..i used add/update_user_meta to save value and key so user can update their
    profile setting/css stuff.

    this is somewhat just a beta test...our bp theme still did not have this
    features developed....definately a features that i like to add in future..

    so for your question:
    yes..it is possible but need some css manipluation with
    add/update_user_meta value and key..


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