Ability to Copy or Add Another Date for same Event

Hi there.

There is the ability to :

1. Run, say, a series of 4 events (parts 1, 2,3,4) as a multi-part event.
2. Run an event on a regular (weekly, monthly, daily) basis (recurring event).

Issue A: How do you run eg Writing 104 on March 18, April 4 and May 11 and 27?

The current setup does not allow you to pick dates that are not "regular" ie not recurring at regular intervals.

It would be good to be able to just ADD THE DATES YOU WANT - ie or ALLOWDIFFERENT DATES TO BE SELECTED.

Issue B: You also DO NOT want to have to create the same event again and again. There is no ability to COPY an EVENT .

If an event is copied - it would also be good to be able to change SOME information (eg Presenter biography) if a different Presenter is taking it. We swap our presenters and other visiting professionals around so we need to be able to tell attendees who the Presenter is for THAT particular course.