Ability to format images, view source code, etc. In posts

When posting Unit Pages in CoursePress I am missing some of the standard functionality that I have grown to expect from my standard WordPress installations. If I am missing documentation on this issue, I would love to be pointed to it.

Here are some specific editing functionality I would like to use:

1) The ability to format an image. In most of my WordPress page/post editing windows I get an Edit option when I mouse over the image. However, in CoursePress, it appears the only thing I can do is select it and delete the image.
2) I would like to be able to view the HTML / Source being used in the edit window.
3) I would like to be able to include actual HTML examples like <img src="example.png"> in the posts without the HTML being parsed.

Thanks. I am new to the product (just purchased the PRO version today), but I look forward to using it. It looks good.