Ability to import Products into sub category

I am trying to import items into a category and then a sub category. Such as “First Grade PD > Session 1” and “First Grade PD > Session 2”. There would also be a “Second Grade PD > Session 1 and Session 2”.

With the testing I have done so far it appears to only import into top level categories. Just wondering if there was a special way to import product into the sub categories?

  • kennibc
    • The Crimson Coder

    Here is a sample of my categories layout:

    First Grade > Session 1

    First Grade > Session 2

    Second Grade > Session 1

    Second Grade > Session 2

    The issue was that with the import all my Session 1's went to the first Sub Category "Session 1" even though it should have fallen under Second Grade etc.

    I did some digging and found that if you use the Category SLUG you can get the posts put into the proper sub-category.

    The screen shot below shows the category structure. So if I want to import into Second Grade Session 2 I would use this in the CSV file: Second Grade, session-2-second-grade. Previously I was using: Second Grade, Session 2. This was incorrect and put the products in First Grade Session 2 because of the SLUG.

    By copying the Slug it imported the product into the proper category even though they have the same names below each grade level.

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