Ability to register multiple sites with same subdomain in each domain

I would like to ask for a modification, which will allow users to register each subdomain-name as many times as many domains we have entered in Multi-Domains Plugin. Current functionality, which prevents registering same subdomain more than once, even if we have 100 domains to choose, is, let say a little bit stupid... So, what is the whole module for? Not for increasing number of blogs registered in site? Can You imagine what a user is thinking seeing, that the domain is free, but the system says, it is already taken? The user will think I'm stupid, and my service is even more stupid.

Please consider adding this functionality.

  • DavidM
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    Hi kossut,

    I'm pretty sure I understand you correctly, but let me just verify this really quick. So you'd like to be able to create the following, for instance:

    Where subdomain1.com and subdomain2.com are both Multi-Domains you've setup. Is that correct?

    I'm not totally sure that's possible if so, but I'll run that by the developers.


  • kossut
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    This is the same situation, as normal domainnames, which have various endings - com. net. org. and many others, including international.

    If we can't register same subdomain in various domains, then what are those domains for?

    In my case, I registerd 3 domains: b34.us b34.me and b34.biz. But this way, the module works now, this all makes no sense, because the only purpose of allowing users use more domains is multiplication of possibilities.

    It should be possible and quite easy to implement, because in database, the unique blog identifier (next to blog id) is not juts subdomain, but complete url! So, finally current Multi-Domains behavior is even a bit strange....

    Thanks for Your attention!
    Regards, Karol Kossut

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