Ability to remove pagination from The Hub after 50 sites are added.

The list of sites gets a pagination at the bottom when more than 50 sites are added. I think there should be an option to control this pagination.

There can be following settings :
1. Remove the pagination and load all the sites in one page
2. Select the number of sites after which the pagination appears

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    I was just checked with our CTO regarding this. The pagination is there to reduce the load on our services. With so many of customers utilising our hub, if we didn't have some limit per page load we could see painfully slow loading times, they may also possibly result in timeouts.

    We are discussing this internally at the moment, though I imagine it's unlikely we'd change the limit at the moment.

    Would you mind sharing a little more about how and why you'd see this being helpful, please?


    • Dominique
      • Recruit

      I want to see all sites in The Hub at once, not with pagination.

      Some context: we offer our clients a service to maintain their sites (backups, updates, security, etc.) and use The Hub as a dashboard for this. This goes for about 30 of the sites in our overview.

      Another part of the sites in my overview aren't managed actively by us, these sites are only added because we want to install WPMU Dev-plugins on them. These plugins should be able to be updated from time to time, and we should be able to install a new plugin if needed. But these sites don't need be visible in The Hub, as they aren't actively maintained by us. But The Hub doesn't offer an option to hide them or connect them to our WPMU Dev-account in another way (using an API-key per example). So my overview gets flooded more and more, and now I'm past 50 and getting this pagination.

      Mu point is: In my head I now have to filter out the sites that aren't in our maintenance package (but are being shown by The Hub), and I have to use pagination to see all sites. If this overview was just showing all sites that we are actively managing, it'd be less of a problem for me, as I don't have to filter them in my head. I hope you understand my explanation!

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